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Exploring Dublin’s Long Room

To view more photos and videos from Dublin’s Trinity College Library, explore the Long Room location page.

Measuring 65 meters (213 feet) in length and housing more than 200,000 of Ireland’s oldest books, the Long Room at Trinity College Library in Dublin stands as a historical and cultural masterpiece.

The library is the largest in Ireland and dates back to the establishment of the university college in 1592. It holds more than 6 million printed works spanning 400 years.

The Long Room was originally built with a flat ceiling, but it was expanded to accommodate upper shelves and a gallery in the 1850s after the library was given legal deposit status in 1801, meaning it receives free copies of all material published in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

In addition to the numerous written works housed within the library, the Long Room also boasts marble busts of great philosophers, writers and artists as well as Ireland’s oldest harp.